Who we are

FollowCore is an organization that excels in ‘baby wrap’ accessories. Our primary product is a baby wrap that can be used to wrap up and carry your baby around without having to use your hands to do the same.

Other than that, FollowCore cannot be categorized merely as a company that designs baby products… No, it is a dream, dreamt by two friends, John and Vit, who wanted not just to run their own business, but also to help make the world a better place for others while doing so. That ambition led to the formation of FollowCore where the main goal of the entire company, from the CEO to the last intern who worked here, is to try and ensure that they satisfy all their consumers.

The vision of FollowCore’s two founding members is to ensure that customers get everything they want. However, this should not be done at the cost of the environment! For this reason, whatever a customer wants they should get but in a manner that is educated and responsible so that the environment around us is not affected adversely. And this reasoning is reflected in the products that FollowCore produces also. The organization always try to make sure that the materials that go into making our products are also the best and most environmentally friendly ones available.

This organization is one where everyone is interested in helping others out, and it extends to helping out other human beings also. Consequently, the idea of sharing and doing our bit towards CSR is one very big social responsibility that the FollowCore family is very big on.
At FollowCore, the philosophy is not that the company and whatever products it produces are a perfect ones possible. However, the attitude behind the products and sales is as we try to ensure that every last one of our customers goes away happy and satisfied.

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