Our Story

Two longtime friends John and Vit were mere employees for years. Like many people even they wanted more out of life than just getting up early and hard work. They wanted to be an own master. That was not all they wanted! Motivated by the desire to go forward for a better life but also the feeling to participate in improving the lives of others. And that was crucial. Feeling when you help someone or do something for other people’s joy. This is the driving force of the company which John and Vit founded and named FollowCore™.

Both became the true core of the company. All trying to do in order that make other people happier and more satisfied. Quality in this world decides who will follow you. We do not claim that we are perfect. Nor that our products are absolutely perfect. But the quality and your satisfaction will always be the most important thing to us for 100% and we will always do our best.

“ To Follow quality, follow our Core! “

Followcore sign